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Safety is the priority

In the SPIE concern, we want to achieve a very specific objective: zero accidents! The care for occupational safety is a guide for all our activities - whatever the level of company structure.

The safety culture, treated as priority, is expressed in SPIE Building Solutions in the following ways:

  • Integrated Management System. By developing and applying systemic solutions in practice, we monitor on an ongoing basis the level of safety in our organization and we react immediately to potential threats. The employees of every level receive support from highly qualified OHS specialists. They ensure the achievement of our most important objective: complete elimination of accidents at work.
  • Individual liability. It is incurred by every employee, intern, subcontractor. In SPIE Building Solutions, we follow the principle that tasks have to be performed in an absolutely safe manner. Our staff is characterized by a high level of awareness of and respect for OHS, fire and environmental protection provisions. Each employee knows perfectly well how to minimize risks at work.
  • Responsible partners. The execution of our ambitious vision of responsibility of SPIE Building Solutions for its employees and environment is effective, as we take a comprehensive approach in that regard. This means setting strict requirements for ourselves, but also for our business partners. That is why we pick them consciously, based on assessment of the standards they apply in terms of awareness and reliability in the scope of occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • Recommendations for Clients. We take a proactive approach in relationships with our Clients. Our specialists know perfectly well what solutions to apply to make the level of safety in the serviced facilities as high as possible. We are willing to propose modifications that we introduce after detailed arrangements and acceptance by the Client.
  • ONE SPIE Safety Day. Every year, the ONE SPIE Safety Day is celebrated in all the divisions of SPIE in the world. On that day, we organize themed workshops, trainings and presentations that develop OHS awareness. With this event, we effectively reinforce the culture of safety in our organization.